The Library of History - Diodorus Siculus

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The first five books


  • Chap. 1. A Gathocles his Parentage and Education. His Rise. His Stratagems. His bloody Massacre at Syracuse. He gains the Sovereign Power. The Affairs of Italy. Olympias returns into Macedonia by Polysperchon's Means. The Armies revolt to her. Her Cruelties. She murders Eurydice and Arideus her Husband. Affairs in Asia. Eumenes and Seleucus. Eumenes is join'd by many of the Captains. The number of their Forces. He comes to Susa. Attalus and others, Imprison'd by Antigonus in a strong Castle, seeks to escape. Are afterwards besieg'd, and taken. 608
  • Chap. 2. Antigonus marches after Eumenes to Tigris. Eumenes cuts off many of his Men at Pasitigris. Antigonus goes into Media. Eumenes comes to Persepolis. The Description of Persia. Pencestes his great Feast. Eumenes his Policy. His Tale of the Lion. Battel in Sareteceni between Antigonus and Eumenes. Antigonus returns into Media. The Story of Cereus his two Wives striving which should be burnt. Eumenes marches to Gabiene; Cassander to Macedonia. Olympias goes to Pydna, is there besieg'd. The Epirots forsake their King, and join with Cassander. Antigonus's design to surprize Eumenes, who stops his March by a Stratagem. The last Battel between them in Gabiene. Eumenes basely deliver'd up. Antigonus's return to Media. The dreadful Earthquakes in the Country of Rhages. 615
  • Chap 3. The Inundations at Rhodes: Antigonus kills Pitho, getting him into his Power by Dissimulation; then marches into Persia. Revolters from Antigonus cut off in Media. He divides the Asian Provences; and continues to destroy all the Argyraspides. Gets great Treasure in Susa. Cassander besieges Olympias in Pydna: The great Distress to which it was reduc'd. Amphipolis surrender'd to Cassander: He kills Olympias: Marries Thessalonices: Builds Cassandra: Imprisons Rhoxana and her Son Alexander. His Expedition into Peloponnesus against Alexander the Son of Polysperchon. The History of Thebes. Cassander rebuilds Thebes. 627
  • Chap. 4. Antigonus his Army feasted by Seleucus in Babylon. Falls out with Seleucus, who flies to Ptolemy, and is kindly receiv'd. Ptolemy, Seleucus, Cassander, and Lysimachus, join against Antigonus. They send Ambassadors to him, who Winters in Cilicia. He goes into Phoenicia, and there builds Ships: Besieges Tyre. The Praise of Phyla, Wife of Demetrius. Aristodemus raises Forces for Antigonus in Peloponnesus. The Acts of Ptolemy, one of Antigonus his Captains. Antigonus his Policy Tyre deliver'd. The Agreement of Ptolemy's Captains, and the rest at Cyprus. The Acts of Seleucus. A Fleet comes to Antigonus from the Hellespont and Rhodes. Things done in Peloponnesus. Cassander's Acts there, and in Greece. The great Victory by Sea and Land, obtain'd by Polyclitus, Seleucus his Lieutenant: He's Rewarded by Ptolemy. The Acts of Agathocles in Sicily. The Romans War with the Samnites. 632
  • Chap. 5. The Acts of Aristodemus. Antigonus his General in Peloponnesus: The Dmeans in Achaia seek to free themselves from Cassander's Garrison: They take the Cittadel. Alexander, Son of Polysperchon, Assassinated. The Praise of Cratesipolis his Wife. The Acts of Cassander in Etolia, and other Parts of Greece. The Cruelty of the Etolians. Cassander sends an Army into Caria; and Aristotle with a Fleet to Lemnos. The Acts of Cassander's Army in Caria. Antigonus leaves his Son Demetrius in Caria to watch Ptolemy. His troublesome March into Asia. The Affairs of Sicily. Acrotatus his Misgovernment and Cruelties in Sicily. The Acts of Agathocles. The Affairs of Italy. 637
  • Chap. 6. Several Cities revolt. Lysimachus comes against them. Philip, Cassander's General, routs the Epirots and Etolians. Cassander agrees with Antigonus. Antigonus gains the Cities in Caria. Cassander's Acts in Greece. Samnites routed by the Romans. Polemon sent by Antigonus into Greece to set the Cities at liberty. The Acts of Antigonus and Cassander. Polemon's Acts in Greece for Antigonus. Ptolemy goes against Cyrene, and Cyprus; then against Demetrius. The Battel with Demetrius at Gaza. Ptolemy takes Tyre. The Acts of Antigonus his Commanders in Greece. The Epirots make Alcetas King, who is beaten by Lysiscus, Cassander's General, and he's beaten again by the other. Cassander goes against the Apolloniats. Seleucus recovers Babylon with a small Army. Demetrius routs Cilles, Ptolemy's General. Ptolemy returns to Egypt, first wasts Samaria, Gaza, Joppa, &c. Athaneus sent against the Nabatheans by Antigonus. The Customs of the Arabians. Athaneus kill'd, and most of his Men. Demetrius sent against them. Description of the Asphaltes, or Lake of Sodom. Demetrius sent against Seleucus in Babylon. The Wars between the Romans and Samnites in Italy. The Acts of Agathocles in Sicily. 641
  • Chap. 7. Cassander, Ptolemy, and Lysimachus, make Peace with Antigonus. Cassander murders Rhoxana and her Son. The Governors take the Stile of Kings upon them. The Carthaginians raise Forces against Agathocles. Four thousand Geloans murder'd by Agathocles. The Battel between Agathocles and Amilcar the Carthaginian at Himera. Agathocles routed. Several Cities revolt from Agathocles. 654

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