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  • Chap. 1. AGathocles designs to invade Africa: His Cruelty: Pursu'd in his Voyage. An Eclipse of the Sun very great. Lands in Africa: Burns his Ships: His Successes in Africa. Hanno and Bomilcar made Generals in Africa. Battel between them and Agathocles, who routs them. Kills Hanno. His Stratagem by Owls. The cruel Superstition of the Carthaginians in sacrificing their Children. The Actions at Syracuse. Actions of Agathocles in Africa. The Acts of Cassander in Macedonia. Polysperchon seeks to restore Hercules, Alexander's Son. The miserable Destruction of Nichocles and his Family in Cyprus. The Wars of Parysidas his Sons, King of the Cimerean Bosphorus. The Valour of Satyrus, one of his Sons. His Death. The sad Death of Eumelus, another Son. Page 658
  • Chap. 2. The Acts of Ptolemy in Cilicia and elsewhere. Polysperchon murders Hercules, Alexander's Son, by Instigation of Cassander. Amilcar taken, and put to Death by the Syracusians: His Head sent to Agathocles in Africa. The things done in Sicily. Archagathus, Agathocles Son, kills Lysiscus; He and his Son in great Danger by the Army. Affairs of Italy. The Works of Appius Claudius: The Appian way. Ptolemy comes to Corinth: His Acts there. Cleopatra, Alexander's Sister, kill'd by the Governor of Sardis. The further Acts of Agathocles in Africa. Ophellas decoy'd, and cut off by Agathocles. Ophellas his troublesome March to Agathocles. Lamia's Cruelty, and Story of her. Bomilcar seeks to be Prince of Carthage, but is put to Death by the Citizens. Agathocles sends the Spoils of the Cyrenians to Syracuse: Most lost in a Storm. Affairs in Italy. 668
  • Chap. 3. Demetrius frees all the Grecian Cities; takes the Pireum at Athens. Demetrius Phalerius flies to Ptolemy. Honours given to Demetrius in Athens. He sails to Cyprus: His Acts there: Besieges Salamis. His great Engines. Ptolemy sails to Cyprus. Sea-Fight between Ptolemy and Demetrius, wherein Ptolemy is routed. Antigonus takes the Title of King, and the like several other Captains. Agathocles his Acts at Utica in Africk: Ty'd Prisoners to a great Engine. The sorts of People in Africa. Xenodocus routed in Sicily by Agathocles his Captains. Agathocles his Acts in Sicily. What was done by Archagathus in Africa. Mascala inhabited by some Greeks that came from Troy. Apes, their Custom among the Pithecusae. The Carthaginians draw out Thirty thousand Men out of Carthage. Misfortunes to Agathocles his Captains in Africa. The Army block'd up, and almost starv'd. Agathocles beats the Carthaginians at Sea near Syracuse. His Captain Leptines Harrasses the Agrigentines. Agathocles Feasts the Syracusians. His jocund Temper. His Cruelty. Routed in Africa. Carthaginian Camp burnt. The Misfortune afterwards to both Armies by one Cause. Agathocles in Chains by his own Men. Steals out of Africa. The Soldiers kill his two Sons. They make Peace with the Carthaginians. Agathocles his exceeding Cruelty at Aegista, and afterwards at Syracuse. 676
  • Chap. 4. Antigonus his March into Aegypt. A Tempest near Raphia, where he lost some of his Ships. He returns into Syria. Dinocrates prevails in Sicily. Agathocles is willing to resign his Government; but Dinocrates stands off. What was done in Italy. Antigonus his War with the Rhodians. Rhodes besieg'd by Demetrius. Agathocles routs Dinocrates his great Army with a few Men. His Cruelty to those that submitted upon Terms, where he But chers Seven thousand. Dinocrates in favour with Agathocles, and betrays all the Confederates. What was done in Italy. 688
  • Chap. 5. The Siege of Rhodes continu'd: The Acts of the Sea-Captains of the Rhodians. Peace made with the Rhodians. The Acts of Agathocles in the Lipari Islands. The Acts of Demetrius in Greece. The War between the Tarentines and Lucanians. The Acts of Cleonymus the Spartan: Cassander sends to Antigonus to make Peace, who refuses. Lysimachus joins with Cassander, and so does Ptolemy and Seleucus, against Antigonus: He marches against Lysimachus. Demetrius's further Acts in Greece. The Armies of Cassander and Demetrius. Demetrius leaves Greece, and goes with his Army to his Father in Asia, after Peace made with Cassander. The Misfortunes of Pleistarchus at Sea. Ptolemy besieges Sidon, but returns to Aegypt upon a false Report. Seleucus marches from Babylon with a great Army. Page 695

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