JSON::PP::Boolean − dummy module providing JSON::PP::Boolean


 # do not "use" yourself


This module exists only to provide overload resolution for Storable and similar modules. See JSON::PP for more info about this class.


This idea is from JSON::XS::Boolean written by Marc Lehmann <schmorp[at]schmorp.de>

More Linux Commands

XtRealizeWidget(3) - realize and unrealize widgets (ManPage)
If the widget is already realized, XtRealizeWidget simply returns. Otherwise, it performs the following: * Binds all action names in the widgets translation tab

mcopy(1) - copy MSDOS files to/from Unix - Linux man page...
The mcopy command is used to copy MS-DOS files to and from Unix. It uses the following syntax: mcopy [-bspanvmQT] [-D clash_option] sourcefile targetfile mcopy

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Before you start, you should glance through the README file found in the top-level directory to which the Perl distribution was extracted. Make sure you read an

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CPU_ZERO_S(3) - macros for manipulating CPU sets (Man Page)
The cpu_set_t data structure represents a set of CPUs. CPU sets are used by sched_setaffinity(2) and similar interfaces. The cpu_set_t data type is implemented

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