MIME::Parser::Reader − a line−oriented reader for a MIME::Parser


This module is used internally by MIME::Parser; you probably don’t need to be looking at it at all. But just in case...

    ### Create a top−level reader, where chunks end at EOF:
    $rdr = MIME::Parser::Reader−>new();
    ### Spawn a child reader, where chunks also end at a boundary:
    $subrdr = $rdr−>spawn−>add_boundary($bound);
    ### Spawn a child reader, where chunks also end at a given string:
    $subrdr = $rdr−>spawn−>add_terminator($string);
    ### Read until boundary or terminator:
    $subrdr−>read_chunk($in, $out);


A line-oriented reader which can deal with virtual end-of-stream defined by a collection of boundaries.

Warning: this is a private class solely for use by MIME::Parser. This class has no official public interface


MIME::Tools, MIME::Parser

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