Mail::SPF::Mod::Exp − SPF record "exp" modifier class


An object of class Mail::SPF::Mod::Exp represents an SPF record modifier of type "exp".

The following constructors are provided:
: returns Mail::SPF::Mod::Exp

Creates a new SPF record "exp" modifier object.

%options is a list of key/value pairs representing any of the following options:

See "new" in Mail::SPF::Mod.

new_from_string($text, %options): returns Mail::SPF::Mod::Exp; throws
, Mail::SPF::EInvalidMod

Creates a new SPF record "exp" modifier object by parsing the string and any options given.

Class methods
The following class methods are provided:
: returns string

Returns ’exp’.

name_pattern: returns Regexp

Returns a regular expression that matches a modifier name of ’exp’.

precedence: returns real

Returns a precedence value of 0.2. See "precedence" in Mail::SPF::Mod.

Instance methods
The following instance methods are provided:

See "params" in Mail::SPF::Mod.

domain_spec: returns Mail::SPF::MacroString

Returns the "domain−spec" parameter of the modifier.

process($server, $request, $result)

If the given SPF result is a "fail" result, retrieves the authority domain’s explanation string from the modifier’s target domain and attaches it to the SPF result. If an error occurs during the retrieval of the explanation string, does nothing, as if the modifier was not present. See RFC 4408, 6.2, for details.

See Mail::SPF::Mod for other supported instance methods.


Mail::SPF, Mail::SPF::Mod, Mail::SPF::Term, Mail::SPF::Record


For availability, support, and license information, see the README file included with Mail::SPF.


Julian Mehnle <>, Shevek <>

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