Private Methods


Mail::SpamAssassin::BayesStore::PgSQL − PostgreSQL Specific Bayesian Storage Module Implementation



This module implements a PostgreSQL specific bayesian storage module.

It subclasses Mail::SpamAssassin::BayesStore::SQL and overrides any methods which makes SQL calls involving the token column. Since PostgreSQL uses BYTEA for the token column type you must make sure that the DBD driver does the proper quoting. You can accomplish this by binding the token column to a specific type.


public instance (Integer, Integer,
Integer, Integer) token_expiration(\% $opts,
Integer $newdelta,
@ @vars)

Description: This method performs the database specific expiration of tokens based on the passed in $newdelta and @vars.

public (Boolean) seen_put (string $msgid, char $flag)

Description: This method records $msgid as the type given by $flag. $flag is one of two values ’s’ for spam and ’h’ for ham.

public instance (Boolean) seen_delete (string $msgid)

Description: This method removes $msgid from the database.

public instance (Boolean) set_last_expire (Integer $time)

Description: This method sets the last expire time.

public instance (String $time) set_running_expire_tok ()

Description: This method sets the time that an expire starts running.

public instance (Boolean) remove_running_expire_tok ()

Description: This method removes the row in the database that indicates that and expire is currently running.

public instance (Integer, Integer, Integer) tok_get (String $token)

Description: This method retrieves a specificed token ($token) from the database and returns it’s spam_count, ham_count and last access time.

public instance (\@) tok_get (@ $tokens)

Description: This method retrieves the specified tokens ($tokens) from storage and returns an array ref of arrays spam count, ham acount and last access time.

public instance (Boolean) nspam_nham_change (Integer $num_spam,
Integer $num_ham)

Description: This method updates the number of spam and the number of ham in the database.

public instance (Boolean) tok_touch (String $token,
String $atime)

Description: This method updates the given tokens ($token) atime.

The assumption is that the token already exists in the database.

public instance (Boolean) tok_touch (\@ $tokens
String $atime)

Description: This method does a mass update of the given list of tokens $tokens, if the existing token atime is < $atime.

The assumption is that the tokens already exist in the database.

We should never be touching more than N_SIGNIFICANT_TOKENS, so we can make some assumptions about how to handle the data (ie no need to batch like we do in tok_get_all)

public instance (Boolean) cleanup ()

Description: This method perfoms any cleanup necessary before moving onto the next operation.

public instance (Boolean) clear_database ()

Description: This method deletes all records for a particular user.

Callers should be aware that any errors returned by this method could causes the database to be inconsistent for the given user.

Private Methods

private instance (Boolean) _connect_db ()

Description: This method connects to the SQL database.

private instance (Boolean) _put_token (string $token,
integer $spam_count,

integer $ham_count, string $atime)

Description: This method performs the work of either inserting or updating a token in the database.

private instance (Boolean) _put_tokens (\% $token,
integer $spam_count,

integer $ham_count, string $atime)

Description: This method performs the work of either inserting or updating tokens in the database.

private instance (String) _token_select_string

Description: This method returns the string to be used in SELECT statements to represent the token column.

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