Module::Build::Platform::VMS − Builder class for VMS platforms


This module inherits from "Module::Build::Base" and alters a few minor details of its functionality. Please see Module::Build for the general docs.

Overridden Methods

Change $self−>{build_script} to ’’ so @Build works.


’@Build foo’ on VMS will not preserve the case of ’foo’. Rather than forcing people to write ’@Build "foo"’ we’ll dispatch case-insensitively.


Use ’__’ instead of ’::’.


Prefixify taking into account VMS ’ filepath syntax.


Command-line arguments (but not the command itself) must be quoted to ensure case preservation.


There is no native fork(), so some constructs depending on it are not available.


Override to ensure that we quote the arguments but not the command.


Local an executable program

_maybe_command (override)

Follows VMS naming conventions for executable files. If the name passed in doesn’t exactly match an executable file, appends .Exe (or equivalent) to check for executable image, and .Com to check for DCL procedure. If this fails, checks directories in DCL$PATH and finally Sys$System: for an executable file having the name specified, with or without the .Exe−equivalent suffix.


Override to ensure that we quote the arguments but not the command.


Override to ensure that we do not quote the command.


Inherit the standard version but tweak the library file name to be something Dynaloader can find.


Inherit the standard version but remove dots at end of name. If the extended character set is in effect, do not remove dots from filenames with Unix path delimiters.


Inherit the standard version but replace embedded dots with underscores because a dot is the directory delimiter on VMS .


Inherit the standard version but chop the extra manpage delimiter off the front if there is one. The VMS version of splitdir(’[.foo]’) returns ’’, ’foo’.


Inherit the standard version but relativize the paths as the native glob() doesn’t do that for us.


The home-grown glob() does not currently handle tildes, so provide limited support here. Expect only UNIX format file specifications for now.


On VMS , $^X returns the fully qualified absolute path including version number. It’s logically impossible to improve on it for getting the perl we’re currently running, and attempting to manipulate it is usually lossy.


Convert the file path to the local syntax


Convert the directory path to the local syntax


The home-grown glob() expands a bit too aggressively when given a bare name, so default in a zero-length extension.


Michael G Schwern <> Ken Williams <> Craig A. Berry <>


perl(1), Module::Build(3), ExtUtils::MakeMaker(3)

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