aa-audit - set an AppArmor security profile to audit mode.


   aa-audit <executable> [<executable> ...] [-d /path/to/profiles] [-r]


   -d --dir  /path/to/profiles

      Specifies where to look for the AppArmor security profile set.
      Defaults to /etc/apparmor.d.

   -r --remove

      Removes the audit mode for the profile.


   aa-audit is used to set one or more profiles to audit mode.  In this
   mode security policy is enforced and all access (successes and
   failures) are logged to the system log.

   The --remove option can be used to remove the audit mode for the


   If you find any bugs, please report them at


   apparmor(7), apparmor.d(5), aa-enforce(1), aa-complain(1),
   aa-disable(1), aa_change_hat(2), and <http://wiki.apparmor.net>.

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