actctrl - configure IBM Active 2000 ISDN adaptor


   actctrl [-d Driver-Id] action options ...


   actctrl is used to setup the IBM Active 2000 ISDN device driver and for
   downloading the firmware into the ISDN card.

   The use of actctrl makes sense, if you are using  an  IBM  Active  2000
   card only.


   -d Driver-Id
          selects  the  S0  interface  named by Driver-Id.  Driver-Ids are
          defined during  driver  initialisation.  See  act2000(4)  for  a
          description  of  the  syntax  to  be  used  for  modularized and
          monolithic  driver  versions.   This  option  must  be  used  to
          identify  the  S0  interface  if  more  than one S0 interface is
          existent. If a single  IBM  Active  2000  is  used,  it  may  be
          omitted.   If  using  more  than one card, support for the other
          cards is enabled with the add action of  actctrl.  Ids  may  not
          start   with  digits  or  small  x,  because  these  values  are
          misinterpreted as numeric parameters by insmod.  For loading the
          module,  always  the  newest  modutils package should be used to
          avoid problems during load.

   The following actions may be given to actctrl.

   add [bus[ port[ irq[ id]]]]
          enables support for an additional card in the driver.  bus is is
          an  integer  describing the bus-type of the card. Currently, the
          only value which is allowed here is 1 meaning  ISA-bus.  In  the
          future,  the  values  2  (for  MCA)  and  3 (for PCMCIA) will be
          available.  port is either an integer describing the base  port,
          or  the string auto which enables autoprobing.  irq is either an
          integer describing the  IRQ  to  use,  the  string  auto,  which
          enables  grabbing  of the next free IRQ or the string none which
          enables polled mode for this card.  id is  an  arbitrary  string
          for referencing the card at a later time.

   dproto protocol [msn0,msn1, ... msn9]
          selects  the  D-channel protocol and defines MSN's if using Euro
          protocol.  protocol may be either the string 1tr6 or the  string
          euro.   If selecting Euro protocol, a comma-separated list of up
          to 10 MSN's may be appended. For defining an empty entry in this
          list, use a dash.

   load firmware
          downloads  the  firmware  into  the  card  and starts operation.
          Usually the images are  located  in  '/lib/firmware/isdn'.   The
          firmware is named bip1120.bpl.

   dump   is  available  if  the program is configured using the --enable-
          dump option only. The contents of internal driver  variables  is
          dumped on stdout.


          This  is  the image of the firmware designed for both the German
          1TR6 protocol and Euro ISDN.


   No bugs so far.


    1997 by Fritz Elfert <>


   isdnctrl(8), act2000(4), isdnctrl(4), ttyI(4).

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