archive - Usenet article archiver


   archive [ -a archive ] [ -f ] [ -i index ] [ -m ] [ -r ] [ input ]


   Archive  makes  copies of files specified on its standard input.  It is
   normally run either as a channel feed under innd(8),  or  by  a  script
   before expire(8) is run.

   Archive  reads  the  named  input file, or standard input if no file is
   given.  The input is taken as a set of lines.  Blank  lines  and  lines
   starting  with  a  number  sign  (``#'')  are ignored.  All other lines
   should specify the name of a file to archive.  If a filename is not  an
   absolute pathname, it is taken to be relative to /var/spool/news.

   Files   are  copied  to  a  directory  within  the  archive  directory,
   /var/spool/news/news.archive.  The default is  to  create  a  hierarchy
   that  mimics  the input files; intermediate directories will be created
   as needed.  For example, the input file comp/sources/unix/2211 (article
   2211   in   the   newsgroup   comp.sources.unix)   will  be  copied  to


   -a archive
          If the ``-a'' flag is  used  then  its  argument  specifies  the
          directory to archive in instead of the default.

   -f     If  the  ``-f''  flag  is used, then all directory names will be
          flattened out, replacing the  slashes  with  periods.   In  this
          case,       the      file      would      be      copied      to

   -i     If the ``-i'' flag is used, then archive will append one line to
          the  specified index file for each article that it copies.  This
          line will contain the destination name and  the  Message-ID  and
          Subject headers.

   -m     Files  are copied by making a link.  If that fails a new file is
          created.  If the ``-m'' flag is used,  then  the  file  will  be
          copied  to  the destination, and the input file will be replaced
          with a symbolic link pointing to the new file.

   -r     By   default,   archive   sets    its    standard    error    to
          /var/log/news/errlog.   To  suppress  this  redirection, use the
          ``-r'' flag.


   If the input is exhausted, archive will exit with a zero status.  If an
   I/O  error  occures,  it  will  try to spool its input, copying it to a
   file.  If there was no input  filename,  the  standard  input  will  be
   copied  to /var/spool/news/out.going/archive and the program will exit.
   If an input filename was given, a temporary file  named  input.bch  (if
   input  is  an absolute pathname) or /var/spool/news/out.going/input.bch
   (if the filename does not begin with a slash)  is  created.   Once  the
   input  is  copied, archive will try to rename this temporary file to be
   the name of the input file, and then exit.


   A typical newsfeeds(5) entry to archive most source  newsgroups  is  as

               :/usr/lib/news/bin/archive -f -i \


   Written  by  Rich  $alz <> for InterNetNews.  This is
   revision 1.14, dated 1996/10/29.




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