autoopts-config  - script to get information about installed version of


   autoopts-config  [--prefix[=DIR]]   [--exec-prefix[=DIR]]   [--version]
   [--libs] [--pkgdatadir] [--cflags] [--autogen]


   autoopts-config  is  a  tool that is used by configure to determine the
   compile and linker flags that  should  be  used  to  compile  and  link
   programs that use autoopts.



          If specified, use PREFIX instead of the installation prefix that
          autoopts was built  with  when  computing  the  output  for  the
          --cflags  and  --libs  options. This option is also used for the
          exec prefix if --exec-prefix was  not  specified.   This  option
          must be specified before any --libs or --cflags options.


          If specified, use PREFIX instead of the installation exec prefix
          that autoopts was built with when computing the output  for  the
          --cflags  and  --libs  options.   This  option must be specified
          before any --libs or --cflags options.


          Print  the  currently  installed  version  of  autoopts  on  the
          standard output.


          Print  the  linker  flags that are necessary to link an autoopts


          Print the directory containing support files used by autogen.


          Print the compiler  flags  that  are  necessary  to  compile  an
          autoopts program.


          Use this option to locate the autogen binary.


   Autogen Info system documentation.


   autogen  is  the  work  of  Bruce  Korb <>. Luca Filipozzi
   <> wrote this horrid manpage for the Debian package.

   Released under the GNU General Public License.

                              2001-08-12                autoopts-config(1)

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