btrfs-rescue - Recover a damaged btrfs filesystem


   btrfs rescue <subcommand> <args>


   btrfs rescue is used to try to recover a damaged btrfs filesystem.


   chunk-recover [options] <device>
       Recover the chunk tree by scanning the devices


           assume an answer of yes to all questions.

           verbose mode.


       Since chunk-recover will scan the whole device, it will be VERY
       slow especially executed on a large device.

   super-recover [options] <device>
       Recover bad superblocks from good copies.


           assume an answer of yes to all questions.

           verbose mode.

   zero-log <device>
       clear the filesystem log tree

   This command will clear the filesystem log tree. This may fix a
   specific set of problem when the filesystem mount fails due to the log
   replay. See below for sample stacktraces that may show up in system

   The common case where this happens has been fixed a long time ago, so
   it is unlikely that you will see this particular problem, but the
   utility is kept around.

       clearing the log may lead to loss of changes that were made since
       the last transaction commit. This may be up to 30 seconds (default
       commit period) or less if the commit was implied by other
       filesystem activity.

   One can determine whether zero-log is needed according to the kernel

       ? replay_one_dir_item+0xb5/0xb5 [btrfs]
       ? walk_log_tree+0x9c/0x19d [btrfs]
       ? btrfs_read_fs_root_no_radix+0x169/0x1a1 [btrfs]
       ? btrfs_recover_log_trees+0x195/0x29c [btrfs]
       ? replay_one_dir_item+0xb5/0xb5 [btrfs]
       ? btree_read_extent_buffer_pages+0x76/0xbc [btrfs]
       ? open_ctree+0xff6/0x132c [btrfs]

   If the errors are like above, then zero-log should be used to clear the
   log and the filesystem may be mounted normally again. The keywords to
   look for are open_ctree which says that it’s during mount and function
   names that contain replay, recover or log_tree.


   btrfs rescue returns a zero exit status if it succeeds. Non zero is
   returned in case of failure.


   btrfs is part of btrfs-progs. Please refer to the btrfs wiki for further details.


   mkfs.btrfs(8), btrfs-scrub(8), btrfs-check(8)

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