csinh, csinhf, csinhl - complex hyperbolic sine


   #include <complex.h>

   double complex csinh(double complex z);
   float complex csinhf(float complex z);
   long double complex csinhl(long double complex z);

   Link with -lm.


   These functions calculate the complex hyperbolic sine of z.

   The complex hyperbolic sine function is defined as:

       csinh(z) = (exp(z)-exp(-z))/2


   These functions first appeared in glibc in version 2.1.


   For   an   explanation   of   the  terms  used  in  this  section,  see

   Interface                    Attribute      Value   
   csinh(), csinhf(), csinhl()  Thread safety  MT-Safe 


   C99, POSIX.1-2001, POSIX.1-2008.


   cabs(3), casinh(3), ccosh(3), ctanh(3), complex(7)


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                              2015-04-19                          CSINH(3)

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