cyclone - tornado screen saver.


   cyclone [--root/-r] [--maxfps/-x number] [--vsync/-y number] [--dpms/-M
   number]  [--cyclones/-c  number]  [--particles/-p  number]   [--size/-i
   number]  [--complexity/-C  number]  [--speed/-e  number] [--stretch/-s]
   [--no-stretch/-S] [--showcurves/-v] [--no-showcurves/-V]


   From Terry Walsh (  "This  screen  saver  makes
   tornadoes  on your screen. I wrote it for my storm chasing partner, but
   you can have it too."

   Ported to Linux by Tugrul Galatali.


   --root  Draw on the root window.

   --maxfps number
           Set maximum frame rate.

   --vsync number
           Limit redraws to specified number of vertical refreshes.   0  -
           100.  Default: 1

   --dpms number
           Stop  rendering  new  frames  if the display is not on.  0 - 1.
           Default: 1

   --cyclones number
           Number of cyclones.  1 - 10.  Default: 1

   --particles number
           Particles per cyclone.  1 - 10000.  Default: 200

   --size number
           Particle size.  1 - 100.  Default: 7

   --complexity number
           Cyclone complexity.  1 - 10.  Default: 3

   --speed number
           Speed.  1 - 100.  Default: 10

           Stretch.  Default: True

           Show Curves.  Default: False


   DISPLAY to get the default host and display number.




   Copyright  2002 by Terry Walsh and Tugrul Galatali.

   Cyclone is free software; you can  redistribute  it  and/or  modify  it
   under  the  terms  of  the  GNU  General  Public  License  version 2 as
   published by the Free Software Foundation.

   Cyclone is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but  WITHOUT
   ANY  WARRANTY;  without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or
   FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.  See the GNU General  Public  License
   for more details.


   Terry Walsh and Tugrul Galatali <>

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