dmeventd --- Device-mapper event daemon


   dmeventd [-d [-d [-d]]] [-f] [-h] [-l] [-R] [-V] [-?]


   dmeventd  is  the  event  monitoring  daemon for device-mapper devices.
   Library plugins can register  and  carry  out  actions  triggered  when
   particular events occur.


          Attempts   to   handle   device   failure   automatically.   See

          Attempts   to   handle   device   failure   automatically.   See

          Monitors  how full a snapshot is becoming and emits a warning to
          syslog when it exceeds 80% full.  The warning is  repeated  when
          85%,  90%  and  95% of the snapshot is filled.  See lvm.conf(5).
          Snapshot which runs out of space gets invalid  and  when  it  is
          mounted, it gets umounted if possible.

          Monitors  how full a thin pool data and metadata is becoming and
          emits a warning to syslog when it exceeds 80% full.  The warning
          is  repeated  when  85%, 90% and 95% of the thin pool is filled.
          See lvm.conf(5).  If the  thin-pool  runs  out  of  space,  thin
          volumes are umounted if possible.


          Repeat  from  1  to  3  times  ( -d, -dd, -ddd ) to increase the
          detail of debug messages sent to syslog.  Each extra d adds more
          debugging information.

          Don't fork, run in the foreground.

          Show help information.

          Log  through  stdout  and stderr instead of syslog.  This option
          works only with option -f, otherwise it is ignored.

          Show help information on stderr.

          Replace a running dmeventd instance. The running  dmeventd  must
          be  version  2.02.77  or  newer.  The new dmeventd instance will
          obtain a  list  of  devices  and  events  to  monitor  from  the
          currently running daemon.

          Show version of dmeventd.


   lvm(8), lvm.conf(5)

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