expirerm - remove articles that have been expired.


   expirerm file


   Expirerm  is a script that removes a list of files.  The specified file
   lists  the  files.   It  is  sorted,  and  then  fed  into  a  pipeline
   responsible for doing the removal, normally fastrm(8).  If there seemed
   to be a problem removing the files, then  mail  is  sent  to  the  news
   administrator.   If  there  were  no  problems, then file is renamed to
   /var/log/news/expire.list where it is kept (for safety) until the  next
   day's expiration.


   Written   by   Landon   Curt   Noll  <chongo@toad.com>  and  Rich  $alz


   expire(8), fastrm(8)


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