bkgrnd,  wbkgrnd, bkgrndset, wbkgrndset, getbkgrnd, wgetbkgrnd - curses
   window complex background manipulation routines


   #include <curses.h>

   int bkgrnd( const cchar_t *wch);
   int wbkgrnd( WINDOW *win, const cchar_t *wch);
   void bkgrndset(const cchar_t *wch );
   void wbkgrndset(WINDOW *win, const cchar_t *wch);
   int getbkgrnd(cchar_t *wch);
   int wgetbkgrnd(WINDOW *win, cchar_t *wch);


   The bkgrndset and wbkgrndset routines manipulate the background of  the
   named  window.   The  window  background is a cchar_t consisting of any
   combination of attributes (i.e., rendition) and  a  complex  character.
   The  attribute part of the background is combined (OR'ed) with all non-
   blank characters that are written into the window  with  waddch.   Both
   the  character  and attribute parts of the background are combined with
   the blank  characters.   The  background  becomes  a  property  of  the
   character  and  moves  with  the  character  through  any scrolling and
   insert/delete line/character operations.

   To the extent possible on a particular terminal, the attribute part  of
   the  background  is displayed as the graphic rendition of the character
   put on the screen.

   The bkgrnd and wbkgrnd functions set the  background  property  of  the
   current  or  specified  window  and  then  apply  this setting to every
   character position in that window:

   ·   The rendition of every character on the screen is  changed  to  the
       new background rendition.

   ·   Wherever  the former background character appears, it is changed to
       the new background character.

   The getbkgrnd function returns the given  window's  current  background
   character/attribute pair via the wch pointer.


   Note that bkgrnd, bkgrndset, and getbkgrnd may be macros.


   The bkgrndset and wbkgrndset routines do not return a value.

   Upon  successful completion, the other functions return OK.  Otherwise,
   they return ERR.  A null window pointer is treated as an error.


   ncurses(3NCURSES), bkgd(3NCURSES)


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