git-index-pack - Build pack index file for an existing packed archive


   git index-pack [-v] [-o <index-file>] <pack-file>
   git index-pack --stdin [--fix-thin] [--keep] [-v] [-o <index-file>]


   Reads a packed archive (.pack) from the specified file, and builds a
   pack index file (.idx) for it. The packed archive together with the
   pack index can then be placed in the objects/pack/ directory of a Git


       Be verbose about what is going on, including progress status.

   -o <index-file>
       Write the generated pack index into the specified file. Without
       this option the name of pack index file is constructed from the
       name of packed archive file by replacing .pack with .idx (and the
       program fails if the name of packed archive does not end with

       When this flag is provided, the pack is read from stdin instead and
       a copy is then written to <pack-file>. If <pack-file> is not
       specified, the pack is written to objects/pack/ directory of the
       current Git repository with a default name determined from the pack
       content. If <pack-file> is not specified consider using --keep to
       prevent a race condition between this process and git repack.

       Fix a "thin" pack produced by git pack-objects --thin (see git-
       pack-objects(1) for details) by adding the excluded objects the
       deltified objects are based on to the pack. This option only makes
       sense in conjunction with --stdin.

       Before moving the index into its final destination create an empty
       .keep file for the associated pack file. This option is usually
       necessary with --stdin to prevent a simultaneous git repack process
       from deleting the newly constructed pack and index before refs can
       be updated to use objects contained in the pack.

       Like --keep create a .keep file before moving the index into its
       final destination, but rather than creating an empty file place
       <msg> followed by an LF into the .keep file. The <msg> message can
       later be searched for within all .keep files to locate any which
       have outlived their usefulness.

       This is intended to be used by the test suite only. It allows to
       force the version for the generated pack index, and to force 64-bit
       index entries on objects located above the given offset.

       Die, if the pack contains broken objects or links.

       Die if the pack contains broken links. For internal use only.

       Specifies the number of threads to spawn when resolving deltas.
       This requires that index-pack be compiled with pthreads otherwise
       this option is ignored with a warning. This is meant to reduce
       packing time on multiprocessor machines. The required amount of
       memory for the delta search window is however multiplied by the
       number of threads. Specifying 0 will cause Git to auto-detect the
       number of CPU's and use maximum 3 threads.


   Once the index has been created, the list of object names is sorted and
   the SHA-1 hash of that list is printed to stdout. If --stdin was also
   used then this is prefixed by either "pack\t", or "keep\t" if a new
   .keep file was successfully created. This is useful to remove a .keep
   file used as a lock to prevent the race with git repack mentioned


   Part of the git(1) suite

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