gslp - Format and print text using ghostscript
   gsbj - Format and print text for BubbleJet printer using ghostscript
   gsdj - Format and print text for DeskJet printer using ghostscript
   gsdj500  -  Format  and  print  text  for  DeskJet  500 BubbleJet using
   gslj - Format and print text for LaserJet printer using ghostscript


   gslp -12BclqRr -b<header> -f<font> -F<hfont> -L<lines> -p<outfile>
   -T<n> --add-to-space <units> --add-to-width <units> --columns <n>
   --detect --first-page <n> --kern <file.afm> --last-page <n>
   --(heading|footing)-(left|center|right) <string>
   --margin-(top|bottom|left|right) <inches> --no-eject-(file|formfeed)
   --spacing <n> [gs options] [files]
   gsbj [options] [files]
   gsdj [options] [files]
   gsdj500 [options] [files]
   gslj [options] [files]


   This  utility  provides  functionality  approximately equivalent to the
   Unix enscript(1) program.  It prints plain text files  using  a  single
   font.  It currently handles tabs and formfeeds, but not backspaces.  It
   will line-wrap when using fixed-pitch fonts.  It will also  do  kerning
   and width adjustment.

   The default device (-sDEVICE=) and resolution (-r) are as follows:
         gslp      epson      180
         gsbj      bj10e      180
         gsdj      deskjet    300
         gsdj500   djet500    300
         gslj      laserjet   300
   By default the current date is formatted as the center header.


   Standard switches implemented:
          -12BclqRr -b<header> -f<font> -F<hfont> -L<lines> -p<outfile>

   Sun switches implemented:
          -T<n>     set tab width

   Switches ignored:
          -GghKkmow -# -C -d -J -n -P -S -s -t -v

   Switches added:

          --add-to-space <units>
                 add  the given number of 1/72" units to the width of each
                 space (may be negative)

          --add-to-width <units>
                 add the given number of 1/72" units to the width of  each
                 character (may be negative)

          --columns <n>
                 print in <n> columns

                 treat the file as PostScript if it starts with %!

          --first-page <n>
                 start printing at page <n>

          --kern <file.afm>
                 kern using information from the given .AFM file

          --last-page <n>
                 stop printing after page <n>

          --(heading|footing)-(left|center|right) <string>
                 set the heading/footing fields; use -B first to clear

          --margin-(top|bottom|left|right) <inches>
                 set a margin

                 end-of-file/FF only starts a new column, not a new sheet

          --spacing <n>
                 use double (n=2), triple (n=3), etc. spacing
   Also,  the  string %# in a heading or footing is replaced with the page




   This document was last revised for Ghostscript version 9.19.


   Artifex Software, Inc. are  the  primary  maintainers  of  Ghostscript.
   This manpage by George Ferguson.

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