index, rindex - locate character in string


   #include <strings.h>

   char *index(const char *s, int c);

   char *rindex(const char *s, int c);


   The  index()  function returns a pointer to the first occurrence of the
   character c in the string s.

   The rindex() function returns a pointer to the last occurrence  of  the
   character c in the string s.

   The  terminating  null  byte  ('\0')  is considered to be a part of the


   The index() and rindex() functions return  a  pointer  to  the  matched
   character or NULL if the character is not found.


   For   an   explanation   of   the  terms  used  in  this  section,  see

   Interface          Attribute      Value   
   index(), rindex()  Thread safety  MT-Safe 


   4.3BSD; marked as LEGACY in  POSIX.1-2001.   POSIX.1-2008  removes  the
   specifications  of  index()  and  rindex(),  recommending strchr(3) and
   strrchr(3) instead.


   memchr(3), strchr(3),  string(3),  strpbrk(3),  strrchr(3),  strsep(3),
   strspn(3), strstr(3), strtok(3)


   This  page  is  part of release 4.09 of the Linux man-pages project.  A
   description of the project, information about reporting bugs,  and  the
   latest     version     of     this    page,    can    be    found    at

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