info - read Info documents


   info [OPTION]... [MENU-ITEM...]


   Read documentation in Info format.


   -a, --all
          use all matching manuals.

   -k, --apropos=STRING
          look up STRING in all indices of all manuals.

   -d, --directory=DIR
          add DIR to INFOPATH.

          remember user keystrokes in FILENAME.

   -f, --file=MANUAL
          specify Info manual to visit.

   -h, --help
          display this help and exit.

          go to node pointed by index entry STRING.

   -n, --node=NODENAME
          specify nodes in first visited Info file.

   -o, --output=FILE
          output selected nodes to FILE.

   -R, --raw-escapes
          output "raw" ANSI escapes (default).

          output escapes as literal text.

          read initial keystrokes from FILE.

   -O, --show-options, --usage
          go to command-line options node.

          (for debugging) use Info file pointers as-is.

          recursively output menu items.

   -v, --variable VAR=VALUE
          assign VALUE to Info variable VAR.

          use vi-like and less-like key bindings.

          display version information and exit.

   -w, --where, --location
          print physical location of Info file.

   -x, --debug=NUMBER
          set debugging level (-1 for all).

   The  first  non-option argument, if present, is the menu entry to start
   from; it is searched for in all 'dir' files along INFOPATH.  If  it  is
   not  present,  info  merges  all 'dir' files and shows the result.  Any
   remaining arguments are treated as the names of menu items relative  to
   the initial node visited.

   For a summary of key bindings, type H within Info.


   info   show top-level dir menu

   info info
          show the general manual for Info readers

   info info-stnd
          show the manual specific to this Info program

   info emacs
          start at emacs node from top-level dir

   info emacs buffers
          select buffers menu entry in emacs manual

   info emacs -n Files
          start at Files node within emacs manual

   info '(emacs)Files'
          alternative way to start at Files node

   info --show-options emacs
          start at node with emacs' command line options

   info --subnodes -o out.txt emacs
          dump entire manual to out.txt

   info -f ./
          show file ./, not searching dir


   Email   bug  reports  to,  general  questions  and
   discussion to
   Texinfo home page:


   Copyright  2016 Free Software Foundation, Inc.   License  GPLv3+:  GNU
   GPL version 3 or later <>
   This  is  free  software:  you  are free to change and redistribute it.
   There is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law.


   The full documentation for info is provided by the  texinfo-doc-nonfree
   package  as  a  Texinfo  manual.   If this package is installed at your
   site, the command

          info info

   should give you access to the complete manual.  (Or, if you have Emacs,
   M-x info will lead to the manual.)

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