intro - introduction to special files


   Section 4 of the manual describes special files (devices).


   /dev/* --- device files


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news2mail(8) - Channel script to gateway news into e-mails
news2mail runs as a channel process underneath innd. It is set up as channel feed in newsfeeds, with different mailing-lists as funnel entries pointing to it (s

vline(3ncurses) - create curses borders, horizontal and vert
The border, wborder and box routines draw a box around the edges of a window. Other than the window, each argument is a character with attributes: ls - left sid

cacaplay(1) - play libcaca files (Commands - Linux man page)
cacaplay plays libcaca animation files. These files can be created by any libcaca program by setting the CACA_DRIVER environment variable to raw and storing the

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