iso_8859-8  -  ISO  8859-8 character set encoded in octal, decimal, and


   The ISO 8859 standard includes several 8-bit extensions  to  the  ASCII
   character  set  (also  known  as  ISO 646-IRV).  ISO 8859-8 encodes the
   characters used in Modern Hebrew.

   ISO 8859 alphabets
   The full set of ISO 8859 alphabets includes:

   ISO 8859-1    West European languages (Latin-1)
   ISO 8859-2    Central and East European languages (Latin-2)
   ISO 8859-3    Southeast European and miscellaneous languages (Latin-3)
   ISO 8859-4    Scandinavian/Baltic languages (Latin-4)
   ISO 8859-5    Latin/Cyrillic
   ISO 8859-6    Latin/Arabic
   ISO 8859-7    Latin/Greek
   ISO 8859-8    Latin/Hebrew
   ISO 8859-9    Latin-1 modification for Turkish (Latin-5)
   ISO 8859-10   Lappish/Nordic/Eskimo languages (Latin-6)
   ISO 8859-11   Latin/Thai
   ISO 8859-13   Baltic Rim languages (Latin-7)
   ISO 8859-14   Celtic (Latin-8)
   ISO 8859-15   West European languages (Latin-9)
   ISO 8859-16   Romanian (Latin-10)

   ISO 8859-8 characters
   The following table displays the characters in ISO  8859-8,  which  are
   printable and unlisted in the ascii(7) manual page.

   Oct   Dec   Hex   Char   Description
   240   160   A0           NO-BREAK SPACE
   242   162   A2          CENT SIGN
   243   163   A3          POUND SIGN
   244   164   A4          CURRENCY SIGN
   245   165   A5          YEN SIGN
   246   166   A6          BROKEN BAR
   247   167   A7          SECTION SIGN
   250   168   A8          DIAERESIS
   251   169   A9          COPYRIGHT SIGN
   252   170   AA          MULTIPLICATION SIGN
   254   172   AC          NOT SIGN
   255   173   AD           SOFT HYPHEN
   256   174   AE          REGISTERED SIGN
   257   175   AF          MACRON
   260   176   B0          DEGREE SIGN
   261   177   B1          PLUS-MINUS SIGN
   262   178   B2          SUPERSCRIPT TWO
   263   179   B3          SUPERSCRIPT THREE
   264   180   B4          ACUTE ACCENT
   265   181   B5          MICRO SIGN
   266   182   B6          PILCROW SIGN
   267   183   B7     *     MIDDLE DOT
   270   184   B8          CEDILLA
   271   185   B9          SUPERSCRIPT ONE
   272   186   BA          DIVISION SIGN

   274   188   BC          VULGAR FRACTION ONE QUARTER
   275   189   BD          VULGAR FRACTION ONE HALF
   337   223   DF          DOUBLE LOW LINE
   340   224   E0          HEBREW LETTER ALEF
   341   225   E1          HEBREW LETTER BET
   342   226   E2          HEBREW LETTER GIMEL
   343   227   E3          HEBREW LETTER DALET
   344   228   E4          HEBREW LETTER HE
   345   229   E5          HEBREW LETTER VAV
   346   230   E6          HEBREW LETTER ZAYIN
   347   231   E7          HEBREW LETTER HET
   350   232   E8          HEBREW LETTER TET
   351   233   E9          HEBREW LETTER YOD
   352   234   EA          HEBREW LETTER FINAL KAF
   353   235   EB          HEBREW LETTER KAF
   354   236   EC          HEBREW LETTER LAMED
   355   237   ED          HEBREW LETTER FINAL MEM
   356   238   EE          HEBREW LETTER MEM
   357   239   EF          HEBREW LETTER FINAL NUN
   360   240   F0          HEBREW LETTER NUN
   361   241   F1          HEBREW LETTER SAMEKH
   362   242   F2          HEBREW LETTER AYIN
   363   243   F3          HEBREW LETTER FINAL PE
   364   244   F4          HEBREW LETTER PE
   365   245   F5          HEBREW LETTER FINAL TSADI
   366   246   F6          HEBREW LETTER TSADI
   367   247   F7          HEBREW LETTER QOF
   370   248   F8          HEBREW LETTER RESH
   371   249   F9          HEBREW LETTER SHIN
   372   250   FA          HEBREW LETTER TAV
   375   253   FD          LEFT-TO-RIGHT MARK
   376   254   FE          RIGHT-TO-LEFT MARK


   ISO  8859-8  was also known as ISO-IR-138.  ISO 8859-8 includes neither
   short vowels nor diacritical marks, and Yiddish is not provided for.


   ascii(7), charsets(7), utf-8(7)


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