ktorrent - a BitTorrent program for KDE.


   ktorrent [Qt-options] [KDE-options] [Options] [URL]


   KTorrent  is  a  BitTorrent program for KDE. You can use it to download
   files from BitTorent network. Its features include speed capping  (both
   down  and up), integrated searching, UDP tracker support, UPnP support,
   IP blocking plugin, protocol encryption, file prioritization  and  much

   If  you  specify URL, KTorrent will load the torrent from the specified
   location and start downloading it.

          Silently open torrent given on URL

   Generic options
   --help Show help about options

          Show Qt specific options

          Show KDE specific options

          Show all options

          Show author information

   -v, --version
          Show version information

          Show license information

   --     End of options


   KTorrent was written by:
       Joris Guisson <joris.guisson@gmail.com>
       Ivan Vasic <ivasic@gmail.com>
       Alan Jones <skyphyr@gmail.com>
       Diego R. Brogna <dierbro@gmail.com>
       Krzysztof Kundzicz <athantor@gmail.com>

                             FEBRUARY 2008                     ktorrent(1)

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