lvrename --- rename a logical volume


   lvrename   [-A|--autobackup   {y|n}]   [--commandprofile   ProfileName]
   [-d|--debug]   [-h|--help]   [-t|--test]   [-v|--verbose]   [--version]
   [-f|--force]      [--noudevsync]      [--reportformat     {basic|json}]
   {OldLogicalVolume{Name|Path}       NewLogicalVolume{Name|Path}        |
   VolumeGroupName OldLogicalVolumeName NewLogicalVolumeName}


   lvrename  renames  an existing logical volume or an existing historical
   logical      volume      from      OldLogicalVolume{Name|Path}       to


   See lvm(8) for common options.

          Disable  udev  synchronisation.  The  process  will not wait for
          notification from udev.  It will continue  irrespective  of  any
          possible udev processing in the background.  You should only use
          this if udev is not running or has rules that ignore the devices
          LVM2 creates.


   To rename lvold in volume group vg02 to lvnew:

   lvrename /dev/vg02/lvold vg02/lvnew

   An alternate syntax to rename this logical volume is:

   lvrename vg02 lvold lvnew


   lvm(8), lvchange(8), vgcreate(8), vgrename(8)

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