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mlabel - make an MSDOS volume label

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The mlabel command adds a volume label to a disk. Its syntax is:
[-vcsn] [-N serial] drive:[new_label]

Mlabel displays the current volume label, if present. If new_label is not given, and if neither the c nor the s options are set, it prompts the user for a new volume label. To delete an existing volume label, press return at the prompt.

The label is limited to 11 single-byte characters, e.g. Name1234567.

Reasonable care is taken to create a valid MS-DOS volume label. If an invalid label is specified, mlabel changes the label (and displays the new label if the verbose mode is set). Mlabel returns 0 on success or 1 on failure.

Mlabel supports the following options:

Clears an existing label, without prompting the user

Shows the existing label, without prompting the user.


Assigns a new (random) serial number to the disk


Sets the supplied serial number. The serial number should be supplied as an 8 digit hexadecimal number, without spaces

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Mtools’ texinfo doc

Viewing the texi doc

This manpage has been automatically generated from mtools’s texinfo documentation. However, this process is only approximative, and some items, such as crossreferences, footnotes and indices are lost in this translation process. Indeed, these items have no appropriate representation in the manpage format. Moreover, not all information has been translated into the manpage version. Thus I strongly advise you to use the original texinfo doc. See the end of this manpage for instructions how to view the texinfo doc.


To generate a printable copy from the texinfo doc, run the following commands:

./configure; make dvi; dvips mtools.dvi


To generate a html copy, run:

./configure; make html

A premade html can be found at ‘’


To generate an info copy (browsable using emacs’ info mode), run:

./configure; make info

The texinfo doc looks most pretty when printed or as html. Indeed, in the info version certain examples are difficult to read due to the quoting conventions used in info.

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