delch, wdelch, mvdelch, mvwdelch - delete character under the cursor in
   a curses window


   #include <curses.h>

   int delch(void);
   int wdelch(WINDOW *win);
   int mvdelch(int y, int x);
   int mvwdelch(WINDOW *win, int y, int x);


   These routines delete the character under the cursor; all characters to
   the  right  of  the  cursor  on the same line are moved to the left one
   position and the last character on the line is  filled  with  a  blank.
   The  cursor  position  does  not  change  (after  moving  to  y,  x, if
   specified).  (This does not imply use of the hardware delete  character


   All  routines  return  the  integer  ERR  upon  failure and an OK (SVr4
   specifies only "an integer  value  other  than  ERR")  upon  successful

   Functions  with  a  "mv"  prefix  first perform a cursor movement using
   wmove, and return an error if the position is outside the window, or if
   the window pointer is null.


   Note that delch, mvdelch, and mvwdelch may be macros.


   These functions are described in the XSI Curses standard, Issue 4.  The
   standard specifies that they return ERR on failure,  but  specifies  no
   error conditions.




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