nice - run a program with modified scheduling priority


   nice [OPTION] [COMMAND [ARG]...]


   Run   COMMAND   with   an  adjusted  niceness,  which  affects  process
   scheduling.  With no COMMAND, print  the  current  niceness.   Niceness
   values  range  from  -20  (most  favorable to the process) to 19 (least
   favorable to the process).

   Mandatory arguments to long options are  mandatory  for  short  options

   -n, --adjustment=N
          add integer N to the niceness (default 10)

   --help display this help and exit

          output version information and exit

   NOTE:  your  shell  may  have  its  own  version of nice, which usually
   supersedes the version described here.  Please refer  to  your  shell's
   documentation for details about the options it supports.


   Written by David MacKenzie.


   GNU coreutils online help: <>
   Report nice translation bugs to <>


   Copyright    2016  Free Software Foundation, Inc.  License GPLv3+: GNU
   GPL version 3 or later <>.
   This is free software: you are free  to  change  and  redistribute  it.
   There is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law.


   nice(2), renice(1)

   Full documentation at: <>
   or available locally via: info '(coreutils) nice invocation'

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