ofxdump - Dump content of OFX files as human-readable text


   ofxdump [OPTIONS]... [FILES]...


   ofxdump 0.9.10

   ofxdump  prints  to  stdout,  in  human  readable  form, everything the
   library understands about a particular  file  or  response,  and  sends
   errors  to  stderr.  To know exactly what the library understands about
   of a particular ofx response file, just call ofxdump on that file.

   -h, --help
          Print help and exit

   -V, --version
          Print version and exit

   -f, --import-format=STRING
          Force   the   file   format    of    the    file(s)    specified

          List available import file formats 'import-format' command

          Output file parsing messages  (default=off)

          Output messages meant for debuging  (default=off)

          Output  warning  messages  about abnormal conditions and unknown
          constructs  (default=on)

          Output error messages  (default=on)

          Output informational messages about the progress of the  library

          Output status messages  (default=on)

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