operator - C operator precedence and order of evaluation


   This manual page lists C operators and their precedence in evaluation.

   Operator                             Associativity
   () [] -> .                           left to right
   ! ~ ++ -- + - (type) * & sizeof      right to left
   * / %                                left to right
   + -                                  left to right
   << >>                                left to right
   < <= > >=                            left to right
   == !=                                left to right
   &                                    left to right
   ^                                    left to right
   |                                    left to right
   &&                                   left to right
   ||                                   left to right
   ?:                                   right to left
   = += -= *= /= %= <<= >>= &= ^= |=    right to left
   ,                                    left to right


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