ophelp - list OProfile events


   ophelp [ options ] [event name]


   By  default, ophelp lists the available performance counter options. If
   you give it a symbolic event name, it will return  the  hardware  value
   (e.g. "ophelp DATA_MEM_REFS").


   --cpu-type / -c
          Show the events for the given numerical CPU type.

   --get-cpu-type / -r
          Show the symbolic CPU name.

   --get-default-event / -d
          Show the default event for the specified CPU type.

   --check-events / -e [events]
          Check the given space-separated event descriptions for validity.
          If the events are valid, show which pmu counter each event would
          be assigned to.

   --callgraph [callgraph_depth]
          Use  the  callgraph depth to compute the higher minimum sampling
          intervals for the events.

   --unit-mask / -u [event]
          Show the default unit mask for the given event.

   --extra-mask / -E [event]
          Show the extra unit mask for given event.

   --xml / -X
          List events in XML format.

   --help / -? / --usage
          Show help message.

   --version / -v
          Show version.


   No special environment variables are recognised by ophelp.


          Event description files used by OProfile.


   This man page is current for oprofile-1.1.0.


   /usr/share/doc/oprofile/, oprofile(1)

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