opimport - converts sample database files


   opimport [ options ] input_file


   opimport  converts  sample  database files from a foreign binary format
   (abi) to the native format.


   --abi / -a
          Input abi file description location.

   --force / -f
          Force conversion even if the input and output abi are identical.

   --output / -o filename
          Specify the output filename. If the output file  already  exists
          it  is  not  overwritten  but  data  are  accumulated in. Sample
          filename are informative for post profile tools and must be kept
          identical,  in  other  word  the  pathname  from  the first path
          component containing a '{' must be kept  as  it  in  the  output

   --help / -? / --usage
          Show help message.

   --verbose / -V
          Give verbose debugging output.

   --version / -v
          Show version.


   No special environment variables are recognized by opimport


          The abi file description of the sample database files


   This man page is current for oprofile-1.1.0.


   /usr/share/doc/oprofile/, oprofile(1)

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