optionOnlyUsage - Print usage text for just the options


   #include <your-opts.h>
   cc [...] -o outfile infile.c -lopts [...]

   void optionOnlyUsage(tOptions * pOpts, int ex_code);


   This  routine will print only the usage for each option.  This function
   may be used when the emitted usage  must  incorporate  information  not
   available to AutoOpts.

   pOpts  program options descriptor

          exit code for calling exit(3)


   The info documentation for the -lopts library.
   ao_string_tokenize(3),       configFileLoad(3),      optionFileLoad(3),
   optionFindNextValue(3),       optionFindValue(3),        optionFree(3),
   optionGetValue(3),        optionLoadLine(3),       optionMemberList(3),
   optionNextValue(3),                              optionPrintVersion(3),
   optionPrintVersionAndReturn(3),   optionProcess(3),   optionRestore(3),
   optionSaveFile(3),      optionSaveState(3),      optionUnloadNested(3),
   optionVersion(3),     strequate(3),     streqvcmp(3),     streqvmap(3),
   strneqvcmp(3), strtransform(3),

                              2016-10-30                optionOnlyUsage(3)

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