set_form_opts,  form_opts_on,  form_opts_off,  form_opts  - set and get
   form options


   #include <form.h>
   int set_form_opts(FORM *form, Field_Options opts);
   int form_opts_on(FORM *form, Field_Options opts);
   int form_opts_off(FORM *form, Field_Options opts);
   Field_Options form_opts(const FORM *form);


   The function set_form_opts sets all the given form's option bits  (form
   option bits may be logically-OR'ed together).

   The  function  form_opts_on  turns on the given option bits, and leaves
   others alone.

   The function form_opts_off turns off the given option bits, and  leaves
   others alone.

   The function form_opts returns the form's current option bits.

   The following options are defined (all are on by default):

        Overload  the REQ_NEW_LINE forms driver request so that calling it
        at the end of a field goes to the next field.

        Overload the REQ_DEL_PREV forms driver request so that calling  it
        at the beginning of a field goes to the previous field.


   Except for form_opts, each routine returns one of the following:

   E_OK The routine succeeded.

        System error occurred (see errno).


   ncurses(3NCURSES), form(3FORM).


   The  header  file  <form.h>  automatically  includes  the  header  file


   These routines emulate the System  V  forms  library.   They  were  not
   supported on Version 7 or BSD versions.


   Juergen Pfeifer.  Manual pages and adaptation for new curses by Eric S.


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