podofoimg2pdf - Convert images to PDF files


   podofoimg2pdf [output.pdf] [-useimgsize] [image1 image2 image3 ...]


   podofoimg2pdf  is one of the command line tools from the PoDoFo library
   that provide several useful operations to work  with  PDF  files.  This
   tool  will  combine  any  number  of  images into a single PDF. This is
   useful for creating a document from scanned images. Large pages will be
   scaled  to  fit  the page and images smaller than the defined page size
   will be centered.

   Supported image formats:


          Use the image size as page size instead of A4


   podofobox(1),  podofocountpages(1),  podofocrop(1),   podofoencrypt(1),
   podofogc(1),      podofoimgextract(1),     podofoincrementalupdates(1),
   podofoimpose(1),  podofomerge(1),   podofopages(1),   podofopdfinfo(1),
   podofotxt2pdf(1),       podofotxtextract(1),       podofouncompress(1),


   PoDoFo is written by Dominik Seichter <domseichter@web.de> and others.

   This manual page was written by Oleksandr Moskalenko <malex@debian.org>
   for the Debian Project (but may be used by others).

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