mcprint - ship binary data to printer


   #include <curses.h>

   int mcprint(char *data, int len);


   This  function  uses  the mc5p or mc4 and mc5 capabilities, if they are
   present, to ship given data to a printer attached to the terminal.

   Note that the mcprint code has no way  to  do  flow  control  with  the
   printer  or  to  know  how  much buffering it has.  Your application is
   responsible for keeping the rate of writes to  the  printer  below  its
   continuous  throughput  rate  (typically  about half of its nominal cps
   rating).   Dot-matrix  printers  and   6-page-per-minute   lasers   can
   typically  handle  80cps,  so  a  good conservative rule of thumb is to
   sleep for a second after shipping each 80-character line.


   The mcprint function returns ERR if the  write  operation  aborted  for
   some  reason.   In  this  case,  errno  will  contain  either  an error
   associated with write(2) or one of the following:

        Capabilities for printer redirection do not exist.

        Couldn't allocate sufficient memory to buffer the printer write.

   When mcprint succeeds, it returns the  number  of  characters  actually
   sent to the printer.


   The  mcprint  call was designed for ncurses(3NCURSES), and is not found
   in SVr4 curses, 4.4BSD curses, or any other previous version of curses.


   Padding in the mc5p, mc4 and mc5 capabilities will not be interpreted.




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