qtoptions − Common commandline options for all applications based on the Qt toolkit


Qt application [Qt Generic Options]


The following options apply to all Qt(TM) applications:

−−display displayname

Use the X−server display displayname.

−−session sessionId

Restore the application for the given sessionId.


Causes the application to install a private color map on an 8−bit display.

−−ncols count

Limits the number of colors allocated in the color cube on an 8−bit display, if the application is using the QApplication::ManyColor color specification.


Tells Qt(TM) to never grab the mouse or the keyboard.


Running under a debugger can cause an implicit −−nograb, use −−dograb to override.


Switches to synchronous mode for debugging.

−−fn,−−font fontname

Defines the application font.

−−bg,−−background color

Sets the default background color and an application palette (light and dark shades are calculated).

−−fg,−−foreground color

Sets the default foreground color

−−btn,−−button color

Sets the default button color.

−−name name

Sets the application name.

−−title title

Sets the application title (caption).

−−visual TrueColor

Forces the application to use a TrueColor visual on an 8−bit display.

−−inputstyle inputstyle

Sets XIM (X Input Method) input style. Possible values are onthespot, overthespot, offthespot and root.

−−im XIM server

Set XIM server.


Disable XIM


mirrors the whole layout of widgets

−−stylesheet file.qss

applies the Qt stylesheet to the application widgets




Man page written by Lauri Watts<lauri@kde.org>


Lauri Watts <lauri@kde.org>


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