rctest - RFCOMM testing


   rctest <mode> [options] [bdaddr]


   rctest is used to test RFCOMM communications on the BlueZ stack


   -r     listen and receive

   -w     listen and send

   -d     listen and dump incoming data

   -s     connect and send

   -u     connect and receive

   -n     connect and be silent

   -c     connect, disconnect, connect, ...

   -m     multiple connects


   -b bytes
          send/receive bytes bytes

   -i device
          select the specified device

   -P channel
          select the specified channel

   -U uuid
          select the specified uuid

   -L seconds
          enable SO_LINGER options for seconds

   -W seconds
          enable deferred setup for seconds

   -B filename
          use data packets from filename

   -N num send num frames

   -C num send num frames before delay (default: 1)

   -D milliseconds
          delay milliseconds after sending num frames (default: 0)

   -A     request authentication

   -E     request encryption

   -S     secure connection

   -M     become master

   -T     enable timestamps


   Written  by Marcel Holtmann <marcel@holtmann.org> and Maxim Krasnyansky
   <maxk@qualcomm.com>, man page by Filippo Giunchedi <filippo@debian.org>

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