readdir - directory input parser for gawk


   @load "readdir"


   The readdir extension adds an input parser for directories.

   When this extension is in use, instead of skipping directories named on
   the command line (or with getline), they  are  read,  with  each  entry
   returned as a record.

   The record consists of three fields. The first two are the inode number
   and the filename, separated by a forward slash character.   On  systems
   where  the  directory  entry  contains  the file type, the record has a
   third field which is a single letter indicating the type of the file: f
   for  file,  d  for  directory,  b for a block device, c for a character
   device, p for a FIFO, l for a symbolic link, s  for  a  socket,  and  u
   (unknown) for anything else.

   On systems without the file type information, the third field is always


   On GNU/Linux systems, there are  filesystems  that  don't  support  the
   d_type  entry  (see readdir(3)), and so the file type is always u.  You
   can use the filefuncs extension to call stat() in order to get  correct
   type information.


   @load "readdir"
   BEGIN { FS = "/" }
   { print "file name is", $2 }


   GAWK:   Effective   AWK   Programming,   filefuncs(3am),  fnmatch(3am),
   fork(3am), inplace(3am),  ordchr(3am),  readfile(3am),  revoutput(3am),
   rwarray(3am), time(3am).

   opendir(3), readdir(3), stat(2).


   Arnold Robbins,


   Copyright  2012, 2013, Free Software Foundation, Inc.

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   manual page provided the copyright notice and  this  permission  notice
   are preserved on all copies.

   Permission  is granted to copy and distribute modified versions of this
   manual page under the conditions for verbatim  copying,  provided  that
   the  entire  resulting derived work is distributed under the terms of a
   permission notice identical to this one.

   Permission is granted to  copy  and  distribute  translations  of  this
   manual  page  into  another  language,  under  the above conditions for
   modified versions, except that this permission notice may be stated  in
   a translation approved by the Foundation.

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