regtree - Text-mode registry viewer


   regtree [--help] [--backend=BACKEND] [--fullpath] [--no-values]
           [--credentials=CREDENTIALS] [location]


   The regtree utility prints out all the contents of a Windows registry
   file. Subkeys are printed with one level more indentation than their


       Show list of available options.

   --backend BACKEND
       Name of backend to load. Possible values are: creg, regf, dir and
       rpc. The default is dir.

       Credentials to use, if any. Password should be separated from user
       name by a percent sign.

       Print the full path to each key instead of only its name.

       Don't print values, just keys.


   This man page is correct for version 4.0 of the Samba suite.


   gregedit, regshell, regdiff, regpatch, samba


   This utility is part of the Samba[1] suite, which is developed by the
   global Samba Team[2].

   This manpage and regtree were written by Jelmer Vernooij.


    1. Samba

    2. Samba Team

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