roff2ps - transform roff code into ps mode


   roff2ps [ groffer_option ....]  [--] [ filespec ....]

   roff2ps -h|--help

   roff2ps -v|--version

   The  options  -v  and  --version  print  the version information of the
   program to standard output and exit.  The options -h and --help print a
   usage  information  of  the  program  to  standard  output and stop the
   program instantly.

   All other  options  are  assumed  to  be  groffer  options.   They  are
   internally  passed  to  groffer.   They  override  the  behavior of the
   program.  The options are optional, they can be omitted.

   The filespec arguments correspond to the filespec arguments of groffer.
   So  they  are  either  the  names  of existing, readable files or - for
   standard input, or the name of a man page  or  a  groffer(1)  man  page
   search  pattern.  If no filespec is specified standard input is assumed


   roff2ps transforms roff  code  into  ps  mode.   Print  the  result  to
   standard output.

   There  are  more of these programs for generating other formats of roff

          is for dvi mode.

          generates html output.

          outputs pdf mode.

          generates text output in the groff device latin1.

          prints the output in the groff device X  that  is  suitable  for
          programs like gxditview(1) or xditview(1).


   groff(1),    groffer(1),    roff2dvi(1),   roff2html(1),   roff2pdf(1),
   roff2text(1), roff2x(1), gxditview(1).


   Copyright  2006-2014 Free Software Foundation, Inc.

   This file is part of groffer, which  is  part  of  GNU  groff,  a  free
   software project.

   You  can  redistribute  it  and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU
   General Public License version  2  (GPL2)  as  published  by  the  Free
   Software Foundation.

   The    license    text    is    available    in    the    internet   at


   This file was written by Bernd Warken

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