sane-pie - SANE backend for PIE, Devcom and AdLib SCSI flatbed scanners


   The  sane-pie  library  implements  a  SANE  (Scanner  Access Now Easy)
   backend that provides access to PIE,  Devcom  and  AdLib  SCSI  flatbed
   At present, the following scanners should work with this backend:

   Model:                  Status
   ----------------------  ------
   Devcom 9636PRO          OK
   Devcom 9636S            Untested
   Devcom 9630S            Untested
   ScanAce 1236S           Untested
   ScanAce 1230S           Untested
   ScanAce II              Untested
   ScanAce III             OK
   ScanAce Plus            Untested
   ScanAce II Plus         Untested
   ScanAce III Plus        Untested
   ScanAce V               Untested
   ScanAce ScanMedia       Untested
   ScanAce ScanMedia II    Untested
   ScanAce 630S            Untested
   ScanAce 636S            Untested
   JetScan 630             OK
   JetScan 636PRO          Untested


          The backend configuration file

          The static library implementing this backend.

          The shared library implementing this backend (present on systems
          that support dynamic loading).




   Please send any information and bug-reports to:
   Simon Munton <>

                              14 Jul 2008                      sane-pie(5)

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