smidiff - check differences between a pair of SMI or SPPI modules


   smidiff  [  -Vhsm  ] [ -c file ] [ -l level ] [ -i error-pattern ] [ -p
   module ] oldmodule newmodule


   The smidiff program is used to check differences between a pair of  SMI
   MIB  modules  or  SPPI  PIB  modules.   E.g.,  it can be used to detect
   changes in updated MIB modules that can cause interoperability problems
   with  existing implementations. SMIv1/v2 and SPPI style MIB/PIB modules
   are supported.

   Note that conformance statements are currently not checked.

   Messages describing the differences are written to the standard  output
   channel  while  error  and warning messages generated by the parser are
   written to the standard error channel.


   -V, --version
          Show the smidump version and exit.

   -h, --help
          Show a help text and exit.

   -s, --severity
          Show the error severity in brackets before error messages.

   -m, --error-names
          Show the error names in braces before error messages.

   -c file, --config=file
          Read file instead of any other (global and  user)  configuration

   -p module, --preload=module
          Preload  the  module  module  before reading the main module(s).
          This may be helpful if  an  incomplete  main  module  misses  to
          import some definitions.

   -l level, --level=level
          Report  errors  and warnings up to the given severity level. See
          the smilint(1) manual  page  for  a  description  of  the  error
          levels. The default error level is 3.

   -i prefix, --ignore=prefix
          Ignore all errors that have a tag which matches prefix.

          The original module.

          The updated module.

   If  a  module argument represents a path name (identified by containing
   at least one dot or slash character), this is assumed to be  the  exact
   file  to read. Otherwise, if a module is identified by its plain module
   name,  it  is  searched  according  to  libsmi  internal   rules.   See
   smi_config(3) for more details.


   The   libsmi(3)   project   is   documented   at  http://www.ibr.cs.tu-


   (C) 2001 T. Klie, TU Braunschweig, Germany <>
   (C) 2001 J. Schoenwaelder, TU Braunschweig, Germany <schoenw@ibr.cs.tu->
   and contributions by many other people.

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