soapsuds - Mono's Remoting Proxy Generator


   soapsuds [options] [inputs] [outputs]


   soapsuds is a tool for generating WSDL documents and client proxies for
   remoting services.  A  WSDL  document  describes  the  methods  that  a
   service  provides  together  with  XML  schemas  of all referenced data
   structures. A client proxy is a class which offers the same methods  as
   the  service  it  represents,  but  provides no implementation, it just
   forwards calls to the remote service.

   Generated client proxies are not strictly necessary, since the  runtime
   can  automatically  generate  proxies  from the original service types.
   However, it implies the need of distributing the service class  to  all
   clients.  In  some  scenarios  a  better approach is to use soapsuds to
   generate a proxy class which has the same interface as the service, but
   without any implementation.

   soapsuds  can  generate  a  WSDL document from a set of types specified
   with the option -types or  can  extract  the  types  from  an  assembly
   specified  with  -inputassemblyfile.   In this last case, soapsuds will
   include schemas for all serializable classes in the WSDL document.

   Taking as input a WSDL document (or anything from which  such  document
   can  be  generated)  the  tool  can generate source code for the client
   proxy (using the -gc option) or it can directly  generate  an  assembly
   that  implements  the  proxy  (with  the  -outputassemblyfile  option).
   soapsuds will also generate fake serializable  classes  for  all  types
   defined in the schema. However, beware that those classes will lack the
   semantics of  the  original  classes,  since  only  data  structure  is


   The following sources are available (only one can be specified):

   -urltoschema:url -url:url
          Url from which to retrieve the WSDL document.

          Specifies types for which to generate a schema or proxy.  If  no
          service   endpoint  is  provided,  the  one  provided  with  the
          -serviceendpoint option is used.

   -inputassemblyfile:file , -ia:file
          Assembly that contains the types to export.

   -inputschemafile:schena , -is:schema
          Schema from which to generate proxy classes.


   The following options are available:

   -inputdirectory:directory , -id:directory
          Directory where DLLs are located.

   -serviceendpoint:url , -se:url
          Url of the service to be placed in the WSDL document.


   The following output options  are  available  (more  than  one  can  be

   -outputassemblyfile:file , -oa:file
          Generates  the  proxy code and compiles it into an assembly with
          the provided name.

   -outputschemafile:file , -os:file
          Generates a WSDL document that represents the provided types.

   -generatecode , -gc
          Generates proxy source code for the provided  WSDL  document  or


   The following options are available:

   -outputdirectory:directory , -od:directory
          Directory where generated files will be placed.

   -proxynamespace:namespace , -pn:namespace
          Namespace of the generated proxy.

   -nowrappedproxy , -nowp
          Do not generate a wrapped proxy.

   -wrappedproxy , -wp
          Generate a wrapped proxy.

   -strongnamefile:file , -sn:file
          Strong name file.


   The following options are available:

          Supress the startup logo.

   -u:username , -user:username
          The user name to use when connecting to the server.

   -p:password , -password:password
          The password to use when connecting to the server.

   -d:domain , -domain:domain
          The domain to use when connecting to the server.

   -httpproxyname:name , -hpn:name
          Name of the http proxy.

   -httpproxyport:port , -hpp:port
          Port of the http proxy.


   Lluis Sanchez Gual (


   wsdl is released under the terms of the GNU GPL.


   wsdl(1), disco(1), mono(1), mcs(1)


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