strspn, strcspn - get length of a prefix substring


   #include <string.h>

   size_t strspn(const char *s, const char *accept);

   size_t strcspn(const char *s, const char *reject);


   The  strspn()  function calculates the length (in bytes) of the initial
   segment of s which consists entirely of bytes in accept.

   The strcspn() function calculates the length of the initial segment  of
   s which consists entirely of bytes not in reject.


   The  strspn()  function  returns  the  number  of  bytes in the initial
   segment of s which consist only of bytes from accept.

   The strcspn() function returns the  number  of  bytes  in  the  initial
   segment of s which are not in the string reject.


   For   an   explanation   of   the  terms  used  in  this  section,  see

   Interface            Attribute      Value   
   strspn(), strcspn()  Thread safety  MT-Safe 


   POSIX.1-2001, POSIX.1-2008, C89, C99, SVr4, 4.3BSD.


   index(3),  memchr(3),  rindex(3),  strchr(3),  string(3),   strpbrk(3),
   strsep(3), strstr(3), strtok(3), wcscspn(3), wcsspn(3)


   This  page  is  part of release 4.09 of the Linux man-pages project.  A
   description of the project, information about reporting bugs,  and  the
   latest     version     of     this    page,    can    be    found    at

                              2015-08-08                         STRSPN(3)

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