streqvcmp - compare two strings with an equivalence mapping


   #include <your-opts.h>
   cc [...] -o outfile infile.c -lopts [...]

   int streqvcmp(char const * str1, char const * str2);


   Using  a character mapping, two strings are compared for "equivalence".
   Each input character is  mapped  to  a  comparison  character  and  the
   mapped-to  characters  are  compared  for  the two NUL terminated input
   strings.  This function name is mapped to option_streqvcmp so as to not
   conflict with the POSIX name space.

   str1   first string

   str2   second string


   the difference between two differing characters


   none checked.  Caller responsible for seg faults.


   The info documentation for the -lopts library.
   ao_string_tokenize(3),       configFileLoad(3),      optionFileLoad(3),
   optionFindNextValue(3),       optionFindValue(3),        optionFree(3),
   optionGetValue(3),        optionLoadLine(3),       optionMemberList(3),
   optionNextValue(3),     optionOnlyUsage(3),      optionPrintVersion(3),
   optionPrintVersionAndReturn(3),   optionProcess(3),   optionRestore(3),
   optionSaveFile(3),      optionSaveState(3),      optionUnloadNested(3),
   optionVersion(3),     strequate(3),     streqvmap(3),    strneqvcmp(3),

                              2016-10-30                      streqvcmp(3)

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