tiff2pdf - convert a TIFF image to a PDF document


   tiff2pdf [ options ] input.tiff


   tiff2pdf  opens  a  TIFF  image  and  writes a PDF document to standard

   The program converts one TIFF file to one PDF file, including  multiple
   page  TIFF  files,  tiled  TIFF  files, black and white. grayscale, and
   color TIFF files that contain data of TIFF photometric  interpretations
   of  bilevel,  grayscale, RGB, YCbCr, CMYK separation, and ICC L*a*b* as
   supported by libtiff and PDF.

   If you have multiple TIFF files to convert into one PDF file  then  use
   tiffcp  or  other program to concatenate the files into a multiple page
   TIFF file.  If the input TIFF file is of huge dimensions (greater  than
   10000  pixels  height or width) convert the input image to a tiled TIFF
   if it is not already.

   The standard output is standard output.  Set the output file name  with
   the -o output.pdf option.

   All  black  and white files are compressed into a single strip CCITT G4
   Fax compressed PDF, unless tiled, where tiled black  and  white  images
   are  compressed  into  tiled CCITT G4 Fax compressed PDF, libtiff CCITT
   support is assumed.

   Color  and  grayscale  data  can  be  compressed  using   either   JPEG
   compression,  ITU-T  T.81,  or  Zip/Deflate  LZ77 compression.  Set the
   compression type using the -j or -z options.  JPEG compression  support
   requires  that libtiff be configured with JPEG support, and Zip/Deflate
   compression support  requires  that  libtiff  be  configured  with  Zip
   support, in tiffconf.h.  Use only one or the other of -j and -z.

   If  the  input  TIFF  contains  single  strip  CCITT  G4 Fax compressed
   information, then that is written to the PDF file without  transcoding,
   unless the options of no compression and no passthrough are set, -d and

   If the input TIFF contains JPEG or single strip Zip/Deflate  compressed
   information,  and  they are configured, then that is written to the PDF
   file without transcoding, unless the options of no compression  and  no
   passthrough are set.

   The default page size upon which the TIFF image is placed is determined
   by the resolution and extent of the image data.  Default values for the
   TIFF image resolution can be set using the -x and -y options.  The page
   size can be set using the -p option for paper size, or -w  and  -l  for
   paper width and length, then each page of the TIFF image is centered on
   its page.  The distance unit for default resolution and page width  and
   length can be set by the -u option, the default unit is inch.

   Various  items  of  the output document information can be set with the
   -e, -c, -a, -t, -s, and -k options.  Setting the argument of the option
   to  "" for these tags causes the relevant document information field to
   be not written.  Some of the document information values otherwise  get
   their  information  from  the  input  TIFF image, the software, author,
   document name, and image description.

   The Portable Document Format  (PDF)  specification  is  copyrighted  by
   Adobe Systems, Incorporated.


   -o output-file
          Set the output to go to file.  output-file

   -j     Compress with JPEG (requires libjpeg configured with libtiff).

   -z     Compress   with   Zip/Deflate  (requires  zlib  configured  with

   -q quality
          Set the compression quality, 1-100 for JPEG.

   -n     Do not allow data to  be  converted  without  uncompressing,  no
          compressed data passthrough.

   -b     Set PDF ``Interpolate'' user preference.

   -d     Do not compress (decompress).

   -i     Invert colors.

   -p paper-size
          Set paper size, e.g., letter, legal, A4.

   -F     Cause the tiff to fill the PDF page.

   -u [i|m]
          Set distance unit, i for inch, m for centimeter.

   -w width
          Set width in units.

   -l length
          Set length in units.

   -x xres
          Set x/width resolution default.

   -y yres
          Set y/length resolution default.

   -r [d|o]
          Set  d  for  resolution default for images without resolution, o
          for resolution override for all images.

   -f     Set PDF ``Fit Window'' user preference.

          Set  document  information  date,  overrides  image  or  current
          date/time default, YYYYMMDDHHMMSS.

   -c creator
          Set  document  information  creator,  overrides  image  software

   -a author
          Set document information author, overrides image artist default.

   -t title
          Set document information title, overrides  image  document  name

   -s subject
          Set   document   information   subject,  overrides  image  image
          description default.

   -k keywords
          Set document information keywords.

   -h     List usage reminder to stderr and exit.


   The  following  example  would  generate  the  file   output.pdf   from
          tiff2pdf -o output.pdf input.tiff

   The  following  example  would  generate PDF output from input.tiff and
   write it to standard output.
          tiff2pdf input.tiff

   The  following  example  would  generate  the  file   output.pdf   from
   input.tiff, putting the image pages on a letter sized page, compressing
   the output with JPEG, with  JPEG  quality  75,  setting  the  title  to
   ``Document'', and setting the ``Fit Window'' option.
          tiff2pdf -p letter -j -q 75 -t "Document" -f -o output.pdf input.tiff


   Please report bugs via the web interface at



   libtiff(3), tiffcp(1), tiff2ps(1)

   Libtiff library home page: http://www.simplesystems.org/libtiff/

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