tload - graphic representation of system load average


   tload [options] [tty]


   tload  prints  a  graph  of  the  current  system  load  average to the
   specified tty (or the tty of the tload process if none is specified).


   -s, --scale number
          The scale option allows a vertical scale to be specified for the
          display  (in  characters  between  graph ticks); thus, a smaller
          value represents a larger scale, and vice versa.

   -d, --delay seconds
          The delay sets the delay between graph updates in seconds.

   -h, --help
          Display this help text.

   -V, --version
          Display version information and exit.


   /proc/loadavg load average information


   ps(1), top(1), uptime(1), w(1)


   The -d delay option sets the time argument for an alarm(2); if -d 0  is
   specified, the alarm is set to 0, which will never send the SIGALRM and
   update the display.


   Branko Lankester, David Engel, and Michael  K.  Johnson


   Please send bug reports to

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