toascii - convert character to ASCII


   #include <ctype.h>

   int toascii(int c);

   Feature Test Macro Requirements for glibc (see feature_test_macros(7)):

   toascii(): _XOPEN_SOURCE
       || /* Glibc since 2.19: */ _DEFAULT_SOURCE
       || /* Glibc versions <= 2.19: */ _SVID_SOURCE || _BSD_SOURCE


   toascii()  converts c to a 7-bit unsigned char value that fits into the
   ASCII character set, by clearing the high-order bits.


   The value returned is that of the converted character.


   For  an  explanation  of  the  terms  used   in   this   section,   see

   Interface  Attribute      Value   
   toascii()  Thread safety  MT-Safe 


   SVr4,  BSD,  POSIX.1-2001.   POSIX.1-2008  marks toascii() as obsolete,
   noting that it cannot be used portably in a localized application.


   Many people will be unhappy if you use this  function.   This  function
   will convert accented letters into random characters.


   isascii(3), tolower(3), toupper(3)


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