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More Linux Commands

vconfig(8) - VLAN (802.1q) configuration program. (ManPage)
The vconfig program allows you to create and remove vlan-devices on a vlan enabled kernel. Vlan-devices are virtual ethernet devices which represents the virtua

acl_get_entry(3) - get an ACL entry - Linux manual page.....
The acl_get_entry() function obtains a descriptor for an ACL entry as specified by entry_id within the ACL indicated by the argument acl. If the value of entry_

pidof(8) - find the process ID of a running program.........
Pidof finds the process ids (pids) of the named programs. It prints those ids on the standard output. This program is on some systems used in run-level change s

glRasterPos2iv(3gl) - specify the raster position for pixel
The GL maintains a 3D position in window coordinates. This position, called the raster position, is used to position pixel and bitmap write operations. It is ma

FcPatternRemove(3) - Remove one object of the specified type
Removes the value associated with the property object at position id, returning whether the property existed and had a value at that position or not. VERSION Fo

insl(2) - port I/O (System calls - Linux man page)..........
This family of functions is used to do low-level port input and output. The out* functions do port output, the in* functions do port input; the b-suffix functio

grub2-mkpasswd-pbkdf2(1) generate hashed password for GRUB
Generate PBKDF2 password hash. -c, --iteration-count=NUM Number of PBKDF2 iterations -l, --buflen=NUM Length of generated hash -s, --salt=NUM Length of salt -?,

cacafire(1) - libcaca's demonstration applications (ManPage)
This manual page documents briefly the cacademo and cacafire programs. cacademo displays ASCII art effects with animated transitions: metaballs, moire pattern o

oo_define(n) define and configure classes and objects.......
The oo::define command is used to control the configuration of classes, and the oo::objdefine command is used to control the configuration of objects (including

MenuPopdown(3) - unmap a pop-up (Library - Linux man page)
The XtPopdown function performs the following: * Calls XtCheckSubclass to ensure popup_shell is a subclass of Shell. * Checks that popup_shell is currently popp

vfs_dirsort(8) - Sort directory contents - Linux man page...
This VFS module is part of the samba(7) suite. The vfs_dirsort module sorts directory entries alphabetically before sending them to the client. Please be aware

gnutls_dh_params_import_pkcs3(3) - API function (Man Page)
This function will extract the DHParams found in a PKCS3 formatted structure. This is the format generated by openssl dhparam tool. If the structure is PEM enco

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